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The secret for an optimal engine performance

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Engines are mainly related to physics, mathematics and the process of converting thermal energy into mechanical motion. We have easy ways to increase the engine performance of your car.

Even if normal wear occurs over time, you can still help maintain high engine performance with regular maintenance. By performing simple tasks such as applying additives to your oil or fuel, you can protect and extend the life of your engine. These additives can not only solve existing problems related to compression and oil concentration, but also prevent future problems such as accumulation of contaminants and damage caused by sparks.

1. Synthetic Lubricants are key.

Use of synthetic lubricants to prolong the life of engines. Synthetic lubricants reduce friction and help engines last longer. Synthetic lubricants create better lubrication between moving parts than conventional oils.

2. Checking the ignition system time.

Because ignition systems have become less maintenance-free in the last 20 years, we don't test them until they get the ignition and the "Check Engine" light. The fact is that the maintenance of the car still had to cover the ignition system.

3. Air filter.

Air filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are available to prevent potentially damaging particles from entering the engine. Small holes in the filter better protect the engine, but also limit airflow.

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